thread: Our ttc journey has begun!!

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    Jul 2011

    Our ttc journey has begun!!

    Hi everyone, we just wanted to give an update how we're going. We've decided that 2012 is when we will start TTC!! We have an appointment at Melbourne IVF clinic with Dr Melissa Cameron in January to discuss our options and get the ball rolling. Has anyone used Melbourne IVF or even this particular doctor? The receptionist recommended her as she has apparantly had experience working with lesbian couples. We've decided on using an anonymous donor and will be going through AI sometime next year. We are both really excited and nervous and thrilled to be starting this process, I just have to keep reminding myself that it will probably be a long process and as much as I hope it sticks first time around, its likely that it will take a little while to actually conceive.

    So that's where we are at now, just waiting for our initial consultation next month. If anyone has any advice or information it would be much appreciated. We can't wait to expand our beautiful family and bring a baby of our own into the world = )

    Our next step is deciding when to explain all this to my mother who after all these years still has a hard time accepting my sexuality and had openly admitted that should we have a child together she would not consider my partner Lou to be a parent to that child, which is really hard to deal with. Any suggestions on how to handle explaining this to her? I really want my mother to be a part of this journey and a part of her grandchild life.

    Lou and Em

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    Sep 2010
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    No advice, but just wanted to say good luck!!

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    Sep 2007

    How exciting! I hope it happens quickly for you. Who is going to be 'tummy mummy'?

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    Jul 2006

    I have no advice about sharing your news with your mum other than tell her straight out.... Who knows how she will react but a baby really changes people & usually for the best, so I hope that she is excited for you both at the prospect of becoming a grandmother. GL with ttc

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    Jun 2009
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    Oh, how exciting - we are going to try for bub number 2 in March (we have one little frosty patiently waiting). FWIW we fell pregnant on our "first go" at IVF so don't be negative - it can and does happen, just as other times it might take a little longer.

    In telling your mum, well I would think (hope) that she just might be excited about the prospect of being a grandma and forget all about how narrow-minded she has been. We didn't tell our family until after we had had our first appointment and had actually started treatment. Up until then it was something that was just between us.... I mean if we were doing it the old fashioned way I certainly wouldn't be telling them what we were up to (hehehe!). Like RhiChiChi says, babies do have a way of changing people.

    The only other bit of advice is: just be there for each other. DH was my rock who kept me sane.

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    Dec 2011
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    Just wanted to write and say good luck or 'Good Fishing' as we like to say in our family...which in this particular situation seems to fit quite well!

    My partner & I are trying again (4th cycle TTC) at present. I've been reading some awesome blogs about lesbians TTC - check out &

    Both fascinating, heartbreaking, uplifting and funny!

    Take care of yourselves & welcome to the roller coaster!