Hey everybody!
I want to know opinions!!!
My partner & I are looking to have a baby...
Now we have researched all of our different options & we are having a hard time trying to decide on which way to go.
Our options are:
1) My partners brother said he would give us his sperm to home inseminate into me, so it has both familys blood, he would be the uncle & would later explain the details to our child that he donated to us (doesnt cost alot of money, only to buy insemination kit)
2) Shipping sperm from America from a Fertility clinic for home insemination or via a clinic ( costs alot of money)
3) or finding a private donor online for home insemination...
We have had & read alot of opinions but not from people that went through this or are in the process of going through this...
please tell us your opinions!!!