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Thread: Same sex friendly parenting groups in Brisbane

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    Default Same sex friendly parenting groups in Brisbane

    I'm looking for or looking into starting a same sex friendly parenting group... i don't want to exclude other mothers and would love for them to come alon but would love to meet other same sex couples with children so my daughter can see other families like her own, we don't know any other same sex couples with children but would love to meet them exspecially ones who have conceived throught IVF or at home insemination as our daughter was from my previous relationship but we are looking to extend our family next year and would love info on finding donors and insemination as such. More than anything it would be lovely to have some other people who have a similar dynamic and for our children to play. Our daughter Phoebe has just turned 4 and is very happy and active....

    Please feel free to reply if you are interested or know of any groups in brisbane or around north brisbane.

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    If you're on FB there is a group just called Same Sex Parents - it doesn't specify Brisbane in the title but 90% of the members seem to be lesbians from this part of QLD. It's the most active group I've been on of this sort. Lots seem to be around but nobody posts anymore - this one is still quite busy - there's a meetup in New Farm this Sunday. There's also a Yahoo group called RainbowkidsBris that has regular meetups - one this Friday.

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