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    Hey everyone!

    Well after another visit to the FS we have been told we have to wait at least another 3 months before we can even start TTC. It is so freaking frustrating!!

    We saw him in Nov and he said blah blah, lose weight blah blah, closure for relocation of clinic blah blah. So we did the right thing, and after a combined weight loss of 18 kg in 6 weeks (K 13kg, J 5kg), he tells us, oh you are doing so well, lets leave it another 3 months so you can lose more weight.

    Needless to say, we were both peeved, and the first thing i wanted to do was go to cold rock and eat ice cream, but we didn't It just annoys me so much that we did exactly what he asked and he delayed us again. We have already TTC for over a year and now have 6 months of waiting waiting - hopefully he doesn't pull the same thing in 3 months time.

    At least he has told told us to start our counselling appointments, and has me booked for a HSG during this 3 month wait, so it doesn't feel like we are doing nothing this time

    Anyway, sorry for the rant.

    Hope everyone is well

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    hey girls,

    if there is one thing that we have learnt about this TTC business, it's that there is lots of waiting involved!!!!

    i know it's easier said then done, but, hang in there girls, your time will come and it will be well and truly worth the wait. In the meantime i guess you will just be feeling like this .

    BB members should start charging Cold Rock for their custom cos i reckon quite a few of us would have turned to them in our times of need.

    wishing you luck and a speedy wait (thats a contradiction in terms, but i mean well)

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    I know how you feel, my FS told me to go on the pill for 3 months (which was irony at its most ironic IMO), and then all the procedures (I had a HSG as well as a lap) and counselling... all the waiting just did my head in! But (I'm sorry, I hated hearing this) this time is going to go so fast, one day you'll be holding your bub and all these months of waiting will be like a distant memory!

    HOpe it all goes well and you can get back to TTC soon. Congrats on the weight loss BTW, sounds like you're hard at it!

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    That sucks

    Congrats on the weight loss though and for being strong and not having that ice cream

    We're not seeing a doc for the insemination so I don't know much about it - but maybe you can get a second opinion about ttc now, considering in the past the doc thought the 3 months would be enough?

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    What sucky news. That must have been really hard to hear - I certainly would have ended up at Cold Rock!
    I have no patience at all and would not have been happy being told to wait again.
    Look after each other.

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