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Thread: Some help for Victorian couple

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    Default Some help for Victorian couple

    We are desperately needing some help!!!

    Run down: Myself and partner Jessica have finally found a donor!!!!

    He is a good friend of ours and we will be doing self inseminaton at home
    (We have a few questions, that if answered would be so deeply appreciated)

    We live in Victoria, bit curious about the laws and also wondering should we say she self inseminated or is it okay to say i did? What are the legal rights right now?

    We dont want his name on the birth certificate, he is going to be more like an uncle which he is happy with, and i will get put down as a parent, Jes the mother.
    We are also wondering the process for me to have parental rights.

    We need massive advice, we've spoken to many people and just do not know whats best for us to do in our situation.
    Any replys with any information in Victoria self insemination procedures is so grateful.

    Any experiences aswell,


    Mel & Jes

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    Hi congrats on finding a donor. My partner and I are in the process of looking for one so I don't have any experiences to share with you. And we are in Brisbane not Melbourne. But a friend of ours has given us a name of a Brisbane solicitor who specializes in same-sex parenting and who apparently isn't too expensive. I suggest looking for one in Melbourne.

    Good luck

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    Congratulations on finding a donor!
    Can't help you with the legal stuff, as we went through IVF with an unknown donor, so it's a totally different issue, but would recommend going to a Maybe Baby meeting, they are held in Melbourne once a month and if you google maybe baby melbourne you should find their email address. It's a gathering of queer parents and parents to be, and will have a lot of written info available on the night, including lesbian friendly lawyers to draw up contracts and people to talk to about their experiences.
    Great way to meet people who are doing/want to do the same thing as you.
    Good luck, it' s an amazing journey....

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    I definitely second SallyT's idea of finding a lesbian-friendly lawyer who can give you the right advice for YOUR situation - it differs from everyone else's situation IYKWIM.

    Best wishes and congratulations on finding a donor!

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