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    This may sound like a desperate call for help but I guess in a way it is. My girlfriend and I moved to Townsville one year ago. Neither of us have family here, and I really struggle to meet people and make new friends. I really want to meet other lesbian mums as I hope to be one soon as well. I have searched high and low for glbt groups in Townsville with no success. I'm scared about falling pregnant and not having any support around, and I really want to establish a group of friends.
    I guess I'm really hoping there is someone else out there in my situation or other couple or mums that would consider making a friend in an honest mature young woman =)

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    I'm not in your situation, but I truly hope you can step out of your comfort zone and meet some fantastic new friends! I know what it is like to want to meet new people but feel stuck and unable to do so. Sometimes it can seem like you're not getting anywhere fast! Persevere!

    Good Luck.. I'm sure you will start to build a circle in Townsville in no time

    All the best

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