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    Default transporting sperm

    Hi everyone,

    My partner and I have a sperm donor that lives quite a few hours away. We were wondering if anyone knows a way we can get his sperm 'delivered' to us ... is this even possible?
    Ive been trying to do some research but have come up with nothing.

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    Just a suggestion, but perhaps if we want to discuss the logistics of home insemination another thread might be ideal. Kind of takes away from the light heartedness of the OP

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    My MIL best friends did this
    They are from VIC and the donor was from TAS

    they asked him to come to them and payed for his flights etc.
    then he came in a cup
    then they used a sterilised turkey baster to inseminate (REALLY)

    they fell pregnant after a few trys and now have a beautiful baby boy
    they are now trying again with the same donor same way but with the other lady to give birth this time

    So It can be done
    (IM sure you have put lots of thought into this as everyone does when making a life decision)

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    hi our donor also lived a few hours away when we where trying to fall preggies with our first baby we travelled to where he lived at ovulation time and after 6 months we fell pregnant with our little princess . We have now moved to north queensland and our donor still lives in canberra and we are starting the process again, we found when we rang the IVF clinics ( we self inseminated first time round) that you can still use your donor but you cant self inseminate you pay for the storage of the sperm at the other end, transport costs, storage your end, them transporting it to your doctor, then the insemination cost plus you have to do there 6 month process before your first insemination, talk to counsellors etc hence we are flying to canberra at ovulation time or when needs be flying him up to us. fingers crossed second time round happens quickly!!!
    hope this helps good luck !!

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