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Thread: Trying to help out a friend

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    Question Trying to help out a friend

    A friend has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
    Does anyone have any knowledge of it?
    Is it ok to continue to try over and over again even though she's not getting any good results???
    Is she hurting herself in the process..?
    How can I help her through it?
    She is also a lesbian. Should she do her conceiving through the doctors or does it matter?

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    It is lovely of you to consider supporting your friend through this difficult process, Arkady. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (usually called PCOS) is a relatively common syndrome, and the symptoms vary from person to person. People with PCOS often need some sort of fertility assistance to become pregnant.

    I would sit your friend down and tell her that you want to support her. It is entirely possible that she is getting medical assistance for her fertility and you may not be aware of that. People on the assisted conception journey can be quiet about their situation because they don't want others to be aware of what is going on. If your friend does want to talk, then she will. If she doesn't, then it's probably best to just let her know you're there for her, and let her make up her own mind.


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