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    Hi Girls,
    WHAT A GREAT FORUM.......... So great to see such supportive stuff.
    Well I am new...I am a midwife and my partner and I are hoping to have another child. We have been down this road before after 6 months of trying home insemination with donor sperm in sydney with no luck... we have given it a break for a year but hoping to be successful this time... just looking for donors at present.Tricky being a lesbian for such things and we have met a few fools along the way... what are others experiences??? Good luck to everyone xxxxxxxxxx

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    hi angelicgirl welcome to bb yep this is such a great forum. Everyone is soooo friendly. Goodluck with everything xx B

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    Hi there!
    Nice to meet you guys! Welcome, hope you enjoy it here. It's a great place :-) Lots of good luck to both of you.

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