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    Mar 2007
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    Unhappy CT Scans

    I have been having really bad headaches for about a week. Today I finally made a Dr's appointment. I felt a bit silly going to the Dr's for a headache (I'm normally a "work through it" kind of person) Anyway the Dr was actually really concerned and did a couple of little tests and decided she wants me to have a CT done tomorrow
    I'm a bit scared and would love to hear from anyone who has had one done before and can tell me what to expect.

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    I realise i'm a tad late to post... But how are you? How did your scans go? In 05 i was having really bad headaches that just seem to last for months, my doctor had me on Panadine forte for the pain, I also had to have 2Ct's and MRI... In the end they put it down to Cronic fatigue syndrome and Cronic migrains...

    I hope you are well!

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    Mar 2007
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    Hi Cass
    Thanks for the support. Thankfully it seems that the headaches are getting better for now. Dr thinks it may have been some kind of infection. I'll just watch how it goes this week and hopefully it wont come back.

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    Mar 2006

    Captain, how are you travelling? I just found this thread... I had been through this twice. First time they found a hairline fracture (I had hit my head but it went undiagnosed for several weeks until I complained about constant headaches). Second time it was a sinus infection. Hope your headaches disappear soon.