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Thread: Failsafe eating - anyone done it?

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    Default Failsafe eating - anyone done it?

    Has anyone done/or doing the failsafe eating/diet??

    DD1 is 6.5yo and has been diagnosed with ADHD and I'm considering cutting out artificial preservatives, colours and flavours from her diet. I've looked at the failsafe diet briefly and got an idea of what is involved and what would need to be eliminated and I just couldn't cut it all out as DD is limited now on what she will and will not eat so I'm thinking of trying it within the above areas to see if a difference is noted.

    Interested to hear feedback and also to ask a few questions.

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    Default Re: Failsafe eating - anyone done it?

    We eat failsafe 99% of the time. We did the elimination diet when my daughter was about 4. She has SPD and it made a MASSIVE difference to her behaviour - as I was able to work out what foods, additives, etc affected her.

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, if you get a chance, go to one of the seminars, they are awesome!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Failsafe eating - anyone done it?

    We're currently going through challenges. Join the FB group, there's a lot of help and experience especially in the closed group. The consensus is that doing your own modified version of FS is much less likely to come up with the answers you're looking for. Yes, it's hard. Sure, you have a fussy eater. But many people have been in that situation and done the diet strictly and seen huge improvements despite the difficulties.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Essentially I have the shortlist for shopping items from the site which lists the additives etc to stay away from. If i steer clear of any products with any of the listed additives, colours & artificial flavours, is that fine or do some products have "hidden" of these items that are listed as other products or do some products not require these ingredients to be listed??

    I found the wholemeal Abbott's Village Bakery bread has none of these listed, neither did the Woolworths in-house baked wholemeal bread, nor did the Tip Top Raisin Toast, or Mountain Bread Natural Wraps, and the Woolworths fresh baked croissants. I found that some other breads & wraps I usually buy do have the preservatives so will stay away from those. So essentially if I read the ingredients and do not see any of the additives that the failsafe list has, does that mean the item is OK??

    I was also planning to keep a food diary for her and see if I can see a correlation between what she eats and her behaviour but again I'm not sure of the length of time between when she eats something and when it would therefore affect her behaviour. E.g. if she eats something at midday, what time would it show any effects on her mood or behaviour?

    She has been diagnosed with mild ADHD and there has been no suggestion of medication so hopefully with therapy and management we can improve the situation and I'm hoping that this may also assist along with also beginning with Omega3 supplements.

    Thank you for your reply.

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