hi everyone i am new
i started with my partner at age 15, had our first at 20 no issues really, then took us 6.5 to get the next one, i had bloods tests the whole time and my tsh was always from 3 to 5 always varies and no one would listen when i always said could be my thryoid as i did heaps reading for optimum levels etc.
finally now this year they send me to see a endo cause at the time i was pregnant (but then lost it at 9 weeks due to heart stopping) so finally saw endo and now she has run bloods and this was outcome
Antibodies <1
tsh 3.8
free t4 11.6
(that was all they tested)
bar the vitamin d whcih was 80 nmol/L
she has now written me a script for thryoxine 50mg, she said even without antibodies showing might be best to see how i go, since for over 10years my tsh has risen and dropped never truly stable
(is hard for me to fall pregnant i always thought could be bad eggs to though not thryoid) as i have had 3 losses in the past year (first was blighted ovum, second a chemical, ad the 3rd was heart stopped at 9 weeks due to monosomy x)