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    What is 'normal' at this age? He has quite a temper when things don't go his way. He is argumentative and pushes our buttons constantly. He sometimes will try to cause a scene in public to get his way. He can be aggressive and bang doors. He has hit himself as part of a tantrum. Not sure if this is attention seeking behaviour. He can't accept when we say no and then sulks and whines etc. Any ideas on how to turn this around? TIA

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    What is your response to his behaviour? Is he tantrumming because it works? Have you taught him how to lose - and how to be a gentleman in winning? Does he know your expectations for him? Do you spend time rewarding good behaviour, or just tell off for the bad?

    To change the response of a young one, you must first look to yourself.

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    It sounds pretty normal to me sweetpea! My DD is 7 in April and she pushes boundaries all the time. She expects everything to be done her way, or she tantrums and sooks. She complains A LOT! There are lots of 'it's not fair!' and 'you don't love me' s.

    I'm trying to show her and teach her that she can't always get her own way, that life doesn't work that way and she will need to sacrifice things or compromise on things. To be patient. To not complain and whinge because we are lucky and privileged people. That her words are powerful and can hurt feelings.

    I ignore the tantrums and tell her to talk to me when she's finished being cranky and she's calm if she wants to. It's ok to be frustrated or cranky about things not going the way you planned or wanted (I get angry and frustrated too!) but it's not ok to yell and tantrum and take it out on other people. I would react the same way in public.

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