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Thread: I'm not as good at this as I would like to be....

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    5 children

    But I do think that age 5 can be nightmare-ish but its nothing compared to my threenager lol

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    Oh five children, gotcha! Well I always said I wanted five. Maybe I'll stop after this one. My mum said her fourth was the last straw (screamy, refluxy, unsettled baby).

    You're amazing arimeh! Sending love your way.

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    On my bad mummy list:
    Yelling so loud at my 9 year old I burst blood vessels on my vocal cords.. He used the dish brush to scrub the cat litter tray. Then put it back in the sink.

    We play "silence is golden" in the car. First kid to talk loses.

    My kids wake me up for the school run more often than I care to admit.

    My kids actually believe weet-bix came in different shapes when I was a kid I've told them so often.

    I taped fat cat going to bed when the older ones were little and sometimes put it in at 5:30...

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