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Thread: Home made gifts and 'santa'

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    Default Home made gifts and 'santa'

    i have made some of the present for my kids. just realised that i was going to put them in sack from 'santa', but dd knows the stuff that i make. i'm not really sure what i am doing about the 'santa' thing, i can get away with being vague this year, and will decide for next year how hardcore i am going to be. So, do you put homemeade gifts in from 'santa' - or do these get given just from you?

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    I haven't had experience with the home-made gifts side of thing, but growing up we always had some gifts from Santa and some from Mum and Dad.

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    No, the handmade stuff always comes from me, simply because DD is old enough to see me making some of it, or recognise the fabric, hear the sewing machine, etc. There are no secrets in my house!!

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    You could say you made them for Santa

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    My criteria is how awesome the present is. Why would I pet Santa take credit for the good stuff?

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