thread: Leapfrog Tag Reading System

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    Oct 2006
    Adelaide, SA

    Leapfrog Tag Reading System

    So after researching the explorer and discovering all the negatives about them I came across this system.

    Does anyone have one? Are they any good? How do they work? Is there a good variety of books available?

    Reviews needed!


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    Sep 2007

    My DS1 got one for Christmas. At first he loved it, but after only about 2 months he was over it. I've seen a lot of Disney books available, but I'm not keen on Disney and there don't seem to be other ones readily availble (I was only looking in Big W though). But it is fun for them. I'm hoping DS1 will get back into it. My niece (also 3) loves hers...

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    Dec 2006

    Leapfrog Tag Reading System

    Dd loves them, she has a couple of the disney ones but also has the reading set and is doing really well with it now she is at school. The batteries last a long time, her favourite one is a map of the solar system she knows the planets and what they are made of.