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    Mar 2010

    Photo Books

    Looking to get photo books for Christmas presents, has anyone had any experience using a certain company...

    Was it easy to use?

    Were you happy with the product??

    What was the cost?

    Any current photo book special you know about??


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    Big W photos are who I use for things like that

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    I always keep my eye on scoopon deals and the last few were through photobookshop and they were great I had 4 done in different sizes the smallest were only $6 for a hardcover and 20 pages. They always have specials maybe join their mailing list??

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    Sep 2007

    Mum uses Snapfish. I haven't tried them yet, but she's got a few things & is happy with them.

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    i use snapfish. sign up to their newsletter, they regularly have deals (40% off, 2 for 1 etc).

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    Sep 2008

    I also use snapfish - have had no issues. (I like Snapfish because they have UK site too, so for people in the UK I order from UK site and get them to post direct from there).

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    I always use Momento, find it so easy to use and the quality is excellent.

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    blurb are great quality and always have specials on. Far better than ones I've had done from BigW or snapfish.

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    I've been using Big W for years and have generally been very happy.

    The one time I wasn't happy, I too them back and asked them to re-print them again for free. And they did.

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    Nov 2011
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    Photobookshop is great - you download the program and work offline on the project until its finished and then you upload it when you are ready to finish it. My wedding album turned out great! Heaps of specials available from them on the mailing list - was definitely worth it.

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    I used to use Big W and was happy but got a special for snapfish. I put together a coffee table style book, over 100 pages of DD2's first year. Got a 40% off coupon and it cost under $80. Beautiful quality and I could pick it up at our local Kmart and saved on postage. I probably won't use anyone else.

    The only thing I didn't like about Big W was the uploading took forever. Found snapfish to be much quicker.

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    oh wow thanks for all the replies, I have some new leads and investigating to do!! I had this idea to give each of my children an album of their last year every Christmas this will be the first, hope it works out!!

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    I use snapfish too & have always been happy with the quality. They have specials all the time so basically I just do the books in my spare time and when it's done, wait for a decent special to order. Quick delivery, looks great. They have recently added embellishments to their site. Not a huge variety but enough to work with. They have heaps of backgrounds too. Have fun!

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    The only thing I didn't like about Big W was the uploading took forever. Found snapfish to be much quicker.
    Uploading definitely can take a while - I tend to set it up ready to go, and then do it overnight while I'm not doing anything else on the computer. It obviously doesn't take all night, but it means it can just run.

    It does sometimes drop out, and can be a complete pain to figure out where it was up to as it doesn't seem to upload them in order (they start and finish right, but don't actually upload sequentially).

    You can pick them up in store though, for free

    The thought of having to download and learn another program keeps me from straying