thread: Who else hates knowing?

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    I usually hate knowing. But this year we're getting a boiler for Christmas (joint present from each other to each other) and I'm pretty excited about knowing.

    The bestest part of presents is picking up the boys' gifts and singing "What am I? What am I? Mama knows, Mama knows" over and over until I keel over laughing at their frustration. Why would people want to know and deprive me of that?

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    Who else hates knowing?

    I love surprises too but I'm not getting any this year I'm getting a great great present from DH but I even had to go and buy it this year and apparently because it was expensive it is from him and DD!

    DH on the other hand if getting surprised by every item under the tree!

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    Me!!! But its moreso the clues that he gives randomly, gives it away! Its sweet that he wants to tease me with clues but they are too damn obvious! I hope he's not thinking about what I am getting him, because he's used my computer a few times when I had been hunting for ideas and was going to buy. Dammit!!!

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