thread: Chocolate gluten free/nut free dessert? Help please!

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    Chocolate gluten free/nut free dessert? Help please!

    I need to take a dessert to Christmas in July tonight. I'm allergic to nuts and one of the other girls is coeliac.

    Any suggestions?

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    May 2008

    No idea if this could be of any help at all but i buy a Chcolate spread that is Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free that is the only thing that sprung to mind for me. Some more creative cookers out there may be able to come up with something using that!?! I buy it in the spread section at Safeway.

    Good luck finding something have a great night

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    How transportable does it need to be Div? I would suggest doing something like a chocolate pudding, or cake, using gluten free flour. OR, you could do the old classic (but everyone loves it ) of chocolate mousse! You'd need to get started on that soonish though. There's probably quite alot you could do, but chocolate is pretty much always safe LOL, and using GF flour is your best bet at short notice. HTH

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    Chocolate mousse made with "nut free" chocolate... mmmm!! Big W sells a great nut free factory dark chocolate if there is one near you. Better get onto it though or it won't set!

    (Given you have the nut allergy I'm guessing you'll know what choc you can eat, just make sure you use a good quality one!! And no flour thickeners... mousse recipes that don't use it taste better anyway!)

    ETA Snap Janie!

    Beware the GF flour if you're not used to it... it doesn't behave the same way as the regular stuff!!

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    Aug 2008

    I make a WICKED chocolate mousse that is also dairy free. There is a dairy version, but the dairy free is much lower in fat and colesterol.

    1 block white chocolate (I use sweet william, but if you're confident with working out another one that is nut and gluten free, go for it.
    1 block silken tofu
    1/2 cup caster sugar
    1 tsp corn flour (obviously you will use the one made from corn, and not wheaten cornflour)

    Melt them all together over low heat, stirring until combined. Remove from heat. Make a cornflour and water slurry, and stir that in. Whizz it up in a food processor.

    It is so so so so rich that I have to serve it with some kind of fruit, so I make this seasonal. In summer it's always berries, but in winter I love to use pears poached in something yummy (frangelico, port, apple juice with spices etc) Strawberries are an easy option if you're happy with mega food miles, or are a Queenslander If you want to do it this way, use milk choc instead of white, it's really really good.

    I also usually serve it with some kind of biscuit crumb - the Free From coconut would work for you, or Leda coconut biscuits if you can get them where you are. Alternatively, make a crumble using butter/marg, desiccated coconut and rice flour.

    Layer your crumb, fruit and mousse into gorgeous glasses (at the moment I love Moroccan tea glasses for this)

    That all sounds a little vague - I tend to modfiy it depending on who I'm cooking for, so let me know if you have any other questions. It's soooo easy. Hope you find something good!

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    What about Chocolate Pavlova with Cream and fresh Berries? You could make a chocolate ganache drizzle to go over last minute. Nigella makes a wicked chocolate pav.

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    Jul 2006

    Oooooh yeah, Nigella's choc pav is fantastic, good idea Rouge!

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    Wow, awesome suggestions all of you.

    I ended up having to do it all in 15 mins as a lovely girlfriend popped over from Perth....

    I bought a packet of double-chocolate gluten-free biscuits from Maxi
    then blended them with 1/3 of a tin of condensed milk
    smooshed it flat and put it in the freezer
    melted the 200gms block of white Plaistowe cooking chocolate
    mixed in some pure icing sugar (must be pure), peppermint essence and 3 drops green food colouring
    stirred it all together
    then smooshed that over the top of the biscuit mix and put it back in the freezer
    Then melted the 200gms block of dark 70% cocoa Plaistowe cooking chocolate and poured that on the top.

    MMMmmm yummo! Peppermint chocolate slice in 15 mins!