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Thread: Gluten free Ideas for Kids parties

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    Might be easier to buy packaged gf food... Much easier for you, and you can show the parents what it is and they won't have to worry about the cross contamination issues. Ww have really good go options.

    When I couldn't eat dairy it was frustrating when people would say 'oh it's dairy free, I used margarine'!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaunet View Post
    GF bread is pretty awful, it usually needs to be toasted so the fairy bread might not be great!

    Popcorn, jelly, fruit all usually ok. Some chips, corn chips, rice crackers. Regular rice bubbles contain gluten, I'm not sure of the other ingredients of choc crackles but you can buy GF rice bubbles in the health food section. You can also get GF lollies.

    Good on you for trying to find some good options, I'm an adult and find it completely frustrating when I can't eat anything at a party (except fruit- which is totally unfun party food!) so it must be so hard for kids!
    At least there was fruit, I've been to parties where the kids couldn't eat anything at all. And fruit is really popular at all my parties usually the first thing to be all eaten. But I include berries etc so not just the usual fruits.

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