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    Unhappy Gluten intolerence...

    So...I think I have a Gluten Intolerence or something For a couple of years I have been getting sick mainly after dinner. At first I was thinking it was just eating too much or something, or maybe foods that were too rich. But it was getting worse and worse and happening 3+ times a week. I get really bad pains in the tummy and have to keep going to the bathroom

    I have a friend that can't eat Gluten and she told me she'd had the same symptoms so I decided to test it out! I can not eat carbonara at all anymore, makes me sick every single time so I thought that would be a good test. I tried it with GF pasta and I could eat as much as I wanted and not get sick!!

    So I finally went to the Dr recently and have been to have a BT and am supposed to have an ultrasound to check my gallbladder aswell but haven't done that yet. In the mean time, after my BT I decided to cut out gluten all together and see if it helped and I haven't been sick since (2 weeks)! Last night I tried a bit of schnitzel to see if I could handle a little bit and got sick again So I guess it's the gluten then. Really sucks because I'm already a bit of a fussy eater and now there's even less I can eat!! And don't even get me started on the bread, I'm going to be broke soon!! I love love love pasta so I'm glad I can have GF pasta at least.

    Guess I just needed to vent, it sucks really!!

    I'm having real trouble finding things for breakfast, any suggestions??

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    I just googled gluten and found alot of sites with recipes.

    What about rice bubbles. I know in the health food aisle they have gluten free cereals and there is a muesli in the cereal aisle that is wheat free. I think it has the word 'sun' on it. Can you have buckwheat flour, if so make zucchini slice as it is nicer with buckwheat instead of SR flour.

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    Thanks Rivlas. Rice bubbles have Gluten unfortunately! I have been trying the Gluten Free cereals but omg they are horrible!!

    I don't even know what buckwheat flour is, LOL, but I just googled it and you can have it apparently, thanks!

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    Oh it sucks doesn't it (I'm empathising on my DH's behalf). Just the smell of the GF pasta...
    buckwheat is.... interesting....
    There are lots of things you can eat, but the replacement GF things tend to be quite nasty (with a few exceptions). You want to look to rice and other starches like that, rather than pasta, bread etc. We eat a lot of curry

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    Heaven, do you intend to be tested for gluten intolerance/allergy? If so, its probably worth mentioning that you should *not* avoid food containing gluten before you are tested. If you cut it out and you do have an allergy, then your intestines will begin to recover and look like you do not have an allergy. Does that make sense?

    I'm just pointing this out because gluten allergy (coeliac's disease) can have lots of other impacts on your body, things that you might not know about, so its probably worth being tested properly.

    But if you think you've just got an intolerance/sensitivity, some things I can recommend for brekkie are (mum is coeliac):
    - Pancakes with buckwheat flour - mum buys a pack from Woolworths, their home brand I think it is, in the health food aisle, then she just makes and cooks one or two at a time and stores the rest forlater
    - Breakfast muffins - gluten free flour, make up some muffins with ham/corn/breakfast things
    - Porridge - I'm pretty sure there are some porridges that are GF
    - Eggs!! With or without GF bread... mum has found GF bread isn't too bad if you toast it.

    Good luck hun! My mum felt so much better when she was diagnosed and stopped eating gluten - she can eat now without feeling bloated and having to run to the loo, just like it sounds like you have to do! But I do think you should get properly tested...

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    Sorry just re-read your post and saw that you'd had a blood test, that's the first step - if it comes back positive then the next step will be a gastroscopy so they can check out your intestine and see what's doing down there!

    But still they generally say while waiting for test results you shouldn't stop eating gluten... sorry

    By the way you can still eat schnitzel - you just need to make it yourself with GF breadcrumbs. They do exist and they aren't bad

    And risottos are good, mmm... stir fries, as long as you check out all the sauces and stuff for gluten... its not the end of the world if you can have gluten! Good luck!

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

    OP- yeah, I didn't cut it out until after my BT. I think I do just have an intolerence, not full coeliacs bc I can eat a small amount like if it was in say tomato sauce or something but not anything major like bread etc. Although it seems to have gotten worse since I've cut it out with just the crumbs on the schnitzel setting it off now. But I've heard that happens bc it's built up in your stomach or something and once you get rid of it you're even more sensitive to it. So yeah I don't think it's coeliacs and I've heard it's hard to diagnose it with the BT so I'm not expecting that to actually come back with anything. But I'm not keen on a gastroscopy anyway. Think I'd just skip that if it's obvious not eating gluten solves the problem anyway iykwim?

    I also read that eating gluten if you have an allergy/intolerence or something is thought to be linked with problems with fertility and even miscarriage so I'm a bit scared to eat it at the moment bc of that too!

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    My best friends dd has coeliac's disease. And my son also cant have it. There are alot of things out there you can have it just takes time to go through and read the packs lol As for the bread we have worked out its cheaper and nicer if you make it yourself. we have a bread maker and just buy the gf bread mix. Its good as you can add things to it like herbs for herb bread ect

    Theres also really good books out there that help.And if its found you do have it there is the coeliac's society that you can join and they have alot of info there