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Thread: Help with Gluten free Custard Cream/Melting Moments Recipe

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    Default Help with Gluten free Custard Cream/Melting Moments Recipe


    I'm making custard creams (or melting moments, much the same) for our Mothers Day church service. The only problem is that our pastor's wife has recently found out she's gluten intolerant, and although she's totally fine about not eating much of what we usually serve for morning tea at church, I think on Mothers Day she should be spoiled & be given the honour of extra time and effort put in by her friends to make some treats she can eat...

    So in light of that, can anyone suggest what I can do, here is the recipe I use:

    1 cup softened butter
    1/2 cup icing sugar
    1 1/2 cups plain flour
    1/2 cup custard powder

    Also, does regular icing sugar mix contain gluten? Or does custard powder?

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    Hi lee_bee

    You can alter the recipe, make give it a trial run first, as the more subs you make to any recipe the greater the result will be altered (not taste/look the same, different texture or even taste)

    There are gluten-free flours available at most major supermarkets these days - they are usually in the health food isle, with the organic grains etc.
    You can also make your own flour substitute :

    2 cups white rice flour
    2/3 cup potato starch*
    1/3 cup tapioca starch

    Mix ingredients together. Store in a cool, dry place until ready for baking.

    * Important: potato starch is not the same as potato flour.
    Use this as a 1:1 substitute for flour (so 1 cup = 1 cup)

    WRT ICING SUGAR - PURE Icing sugar is gluten free - Soft Icing Sugar Mix or Icing Mixture contains CORNFLOUR which CAN contain gluten if it is made from wheat.
    So play it safe and make sure you are using PURE ICING SUGAR and not any soft or mixed icing sugars.

    WRT Custard powder - can contain wheat flour or wheaten cornflour. Have a look at the ingredients to be sure. White Wings used to be Gluten Free, so again, check the box.

    Also have a look here: Gluten Free and Easy if you need any other info, great site and very clear to understand.

    HTH And hope they turn out ok!

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    thank you so much! I'll let you know if they work, they're so yummy!

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