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Thread: recipe for gluten free sweet treat?

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    Default recipe for gluten free sweet treat?

    I am going to a christmas brunch in a couple of weeks where we are all bringing a plate, and I am taking something sweet, however, there are 2 people that cant have gluten, so I wanted to make something that they could eat as well.

    Was wondering if anyone had any yummy recipes?

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    Nioce, there are a few recipes where I just use the self-raising gluten free flour from health food shops, but its not always a good texture, so its not good for cupcakes etc which are uber floury.

    If you google "Pig in the Kitchen" you will find heaps of gluten free recipes. Everyone I tried was absolutely wonderful, they are more intensive recipes but good.


    ETA: just had a thought, if you used the LEda brand ginger nut biscuits and smashed them very hard, they would make a great slice base, like for a caramel slice etc... you would mix them with a bit of butter and then use a caramel based layer and then melt dark chocolate on top! Yum!

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