HI all,

I have 3 years worth of fleece from my gorgeous Zak (the alpac) my intention when I brought him was to hand spin his fleece and find someone to knit me some jumpers etc.

My spining is not as good as it use to be I am sooo out of practice and his fleece is really lovely and I don't want to waist it with my horrible attempts.

I have no idea how to felt so its just sitting around and I am worried about moths getting to it.


are there any spinners, felters or other (mayby doona makers) who would like a fleece or two? Its a beautiful chocolate brown and the shearer has suggested that if I was able to show him (can't coz he has white blemishes on his face and ankles) his fleece could be entered into the rose grey section because it has a reddish tinge to it - well I can't see it but it is a lovely colour fleece, nice crimp and long staples.

anyone out there want one or two?

Nae x