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Thread: Baby Shower Party Bags

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    Default Baby Shower Party Bags

    I am starting early getting things ready for baby shower goodie bags,

    I will have everyone having a little bag of goodies..

    Now for ideas..

    Bath Bomb
    small hand cream?

    What else/

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    Jelly babies
    note pad
    mini choc

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    I am not sure about the party bags but wanted to share this idea with you.

    I went to this fantastic baby shower where there were some fun games (nothing outrageous) and prices like you mentioned were given. Never ever forget cadburys chocolate block as a prize

    As a thank you for those who attended the gorgeous mummy to be handed out gorgeous gerbras (I think thats what they were called). Just one for each person on the wire to hold it up and wrapped in a clear plastic sheet with a ribbon and on it. She had attached a very personalised thank you note for us being able to join her and what we meant to her. The note meant so much more than any gift.

    Just an idea for you anyway
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    My MIL is an Avon lady - so we had some Avon purfume samples as prizes!

    My 'thank you' gift though was some locally made chocolate dipped giant jelly babies! They did a great deal for me and wrapped them and everything! I just did up a thank you gift card for each and handed them out as people left. Was a huge hit!

    Oh - and as an aside : I'm now responsible for bringing back giant jelly babies at the local chocolate shop!

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    one babyshower I helped organise the thank you bag for contained fluffy socks, candles, chocolates, samples (and I forget what elese)
    another one had a suction cap hook with a gorgeous flower on it, more candles, a maconna coffe satchel, lollies all in a blue plastic tumbler (baby was a boy)

    LOVE making pressies for other mums...its the best

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