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    Does anyone else here enjoy birdwatching?
    I'm not a twitcher or anything like that but I do get a little excited when I spot a new species and I'm currently getting very frustrated by my inability to identify a new bird in my garden (I think it is a silvereye but it hasn't come back for a closer inspection *doh*).

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    I really enjoy watching the birds in my garden (and neighbourhood) and also like gettng the bird book out to look something up. I love the rare occasion when you find a nesting couple and watch the birds hatch and fly away.
    Last spring I had a couple of willie wagtails nesting just outside the kitchen window - they seemed confused though and partially built about 4 nests but never completed and used any of them!

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    My DH loves it! We purchased the Simpson & Day Field Guide to Australian Birds.
    We are getting all sorts at the moment, a particular favourite is the superb fairy wren.
    Don't need a book for this Mum is currently getting two Kookaburra's coming to her back yard reguarly. They are so confident, they now tap on her kitchen window with their beaks for her to come out and feed them

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    I have a birdie book, but I'm not very good at actually matching up the birds I see with what's in the book. Absolutely no clue at all when it comes to bird calls.

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    Im not a bird watcher as such but love watching those in my own backyard. As Wildlife Rehabbers we used to raise and rescue lots before DD, but now we watch more than anything

    I used to love watching the Dollar Bird that brought her babies back every year to teach them to feed. Unfortunately the tree same down in a storm and I havent seen her since. Although not native, I enjoy watching the English Blackbirds that have been been raising babies in our vines too.

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