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Thread: Coin collection - where to start?

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    Default Coin collection - where to start?

    I really like the idea of starting a coin collection with DD - not necessarily as an investment or anything like that - just to get her interested and to end up with something in the end that we can keep.

    I have no idea where to start though - my first thought was Australia Post lol but I think maybe I was confused with stamp collecting lol

    I'm just wanting to do it using our lose change instead, not really buying collectors coins from the mint or anything like that.

    Any tips or ideas would be great - any ideas except for online on where to buy the folders for it?

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    hey there
    we collect coins for my kids
    we started with a book of coins from the mint through australia post of the year they were born
    my grandma sends them coins every year for their birthday that she gets from the post office too.
    perhaps contact a good reputable coin shop to ask their advice.
    In melb we have Sheilds stamp and coin shop- they are on the net and are offer fantastic advice as well. perhaps even email them as well. they would post or know where to go close by
    otherwise once you get a bit savvy then ebay is great
    you are best to pick a theme, year, type of coins etc and try and collect a set. Its also the most fun part chasing down ones you need- the thrill of the chase lol
    and enjoy

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