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Thread: Favourite Lego game

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    Default Favourite Lego game

    We like lego games here as well as the normal stuff. I've just introduced DS to the Heroica stuff I bought a year or so ago.

    Bam, all time favourite scored.

    Liebling likes it too.

    Which are your favourites?

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    Default Re: Favourite Lego game

    Don't have any yet

    We do however make a maze using the lego boards & then try & roll a lego ball through it.

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    Default Re: Favourite Lego game

    We have the sheep and monkey games. They're only simple as when i bought them DD1 was just getting into games. I'm really not a fan of the stupid monkey and banana game, but the sheep one is ok.

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    Default Re: Favourite Lego game

    Gutted. Lego website says they're stopping lego games. Buy them in now!

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    Default Re: Favourite Lego game

    Excellent tip off, thanks. We have the chicken & egg one, so simple but entertaining.

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