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Thread: I'm going to make....

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    Default I'm going to make....

    one of those covered corkboard thingys for DD's bedroom..

    you know the corkboard covered with material, and then elastic going over it so that you can slot photos in.
    i was hoping someone here had made one and could give me a few pointers!

    not sure how to go about it? im assuming i can buy cork tiles from Bunnings? i dont mind if i have to do like, 3 smaller ones instead of one big one. then the material, i guess it doesnt matter too much what type, just not sure how i can sick it down? is there some sort of tape that would stick to the cork? or should i glue it? maybe us ethe flat thumb tacks??

    and the elastic, i guess the tacks would be the best way to go here? i wouldnt pull the elastic too tight, just enough to hold photos in place. or maybe would i be better off just pinning the pics in?

    what do you think? i cant really go wrong i suppose, but i'd just like a few pointers!

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    They look really nice!
    I reccon there has been a tutorial for something like that on on of those better homes type tv shows...

    Glue the cork I reccon and I'd also take the elastic behind the backing board and pin it there so it's nice and clean at the front

    Good luck with it!

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    I would use a piece of MDF for the base board - nice and cheap. Then glue the cork to that, wrap the fabric over the sides and tightly tack to the back of board. Do same for elastic. Sounds like a really great idea for a kids room!

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    DoubleK Guest


    Thanks girls. i like the idea of sticking the cork to some mdf.. good idea!

    Raven, yep id put the elastic around the back. the one i seen at a friends place had the elastic going diagonally (sp) i guess i could have a play around with it.

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