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Thread: Making a bone for Wags - Help

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    Default Making a bone for Wags - Help

    We're off to The Wiggles next sunday and Yasin has decided that he wants to give Wags a bone.
    At the moment my plan is to cut a bone shape out of an old cardboard box, glue some paper on each side then let Yasin go nuts with stickers, glitter, etc. Then I just have to hope that Wags will accept his bone lol.
    Anyways.... I was just wondering if anyone has a better idea for me because I'm not very crafty so I need all the help I can get.

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    Maybe a papier-mache one?

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    Thanks Sarah. How would we do that? I'm sooo not crafty. I have a vauge memory of making a pig at school with a balloon and an egg carton nose and newspaper all over it.
    I'll seeif I can find a how to on google.

    ETA - I found a dinosaur bone made of a paper tube and some newspaper lumps. I just have to check it a bit more closely to make sure it's not too complex for me. It's from a kid's site so I might be able to do it.

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    What about a cheap $2 shop dog toy decorated with ribbons etc????

    Enjoy Wiggles! We are going for the first time on Friday!

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    Dash- wags will def take it and love it.

    Teleah always takes roses for dorothy and they normally have wiggly dancers who come out to the audience and collect everything.

    if you have good seats you could be lucky and it could be collected by a wiggle or wags himself

    Teleah was once lucky enough to have Jeff collect her flowers.

    Best of luck with the bone and have a great time!!!

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    Cut one out of a big peice of foam or styrofoam and let him go nuts!!! You can make a nice big one that is cheap and light!!

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    id go the foam.
    easy and then let him loose with some paint and glitter and then sew some fabric bows on it.,

    but honestly it doesnt matter caus eim sure it will look awesome no matter what

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    I was going to suggest a cardboard roll too...or maybe taping two together so its nice and thick? I guess if you cut some bone shapped ends out of cardboard then cut two slits into the end of the tube(s), the bone shaped ends could slide in. Then it could be covered and decorated.

    Foam idea is a good one too. Can set polystyrene sheets from Clark Rubber really easily - they will cut to size for you.

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