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Thread: Need help! Looking for a woodwork/carpentry book...

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    Smile Need help! Looking for a woodwork/carpentry book...

    Ok, Shel has always been into building stuff, and wants to start building stuff for Jazz. Her first project she would like to have is making a toybox for our princess. She's getting some tools she wants for Christmas but I want to give her a book to so she can start doing what she wants to do

    So I am looking for a book which has projects and things, mostly kids stuff I'd say. Does anyone has any suggestions?

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    I can't think of any titles as such, but if you have a look on seek or A&R, they should have what you're after.

    ETA - toyboxes are very simple to make - DH made one for our eldest for his first birthday. Shell should be able to come up with a plan of her own easy enough you can't find a plan for one in a book

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    check out the better homes & gardens website - there should be plans on there for something like that on there. It is a pretty simple thing to make if you're not going for the mitred corners etc.

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