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Thread: Painting me all you creative minds!!

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    Question Painting me all you creative minds!!

    I have finished a fairy painting for Isabelle's room - photo in my gallery!
    I have 2 more canvases that I want to paint too but not sure what! The fairy I copied from a pic I found,(not that original or creative )

    I am thinking a pink background on one and green on the other. Fairy background is blue.

    Any ideas??

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    What an inspiration! Lucky Izzy!

    How about a green back ground with red ladybirds on dark green leaves?

    And on the pink background, some purple flowers like tupips with some purple and dark pink butterflies?

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    Maybe Bumble bees on the Emelia's pics there is pics of her photo albums that my MIL painted for her that have bumble bees...and her other one with a pink background has a angel looking thing!

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    Oooh love them all! Might go with a mermaid on one, and a butterfly on the other with green leaves and little dragonflies, bumblebees and ladybugs on the leaves!! Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

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