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    Default wooden toy boxes

    Does anyone know where i can buy these from or does anyone know of a great website or anyone who makes them?
    Im after a wooden toy box for Miss B - i want a rectangle one that can be sat on and has a lid that opens up - im tossing up between a Tinkerbell one or a white one with her name on it painted or wooden letters with butterflys!
    I know i could prob decorate one myself but still cant find any plain white wooden ones anywhere!

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    hae you tried searching for blanket boxes rather than toy boxes? You might have a bit more luck, and essentially they are the same thing.

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    ... Have you tried your local markets ?? ... i have seen them in markets where you can choose the fabric from heaps of samples for the top seat of the toy box and can have letters (child's name) on the front.

    Just to give you an idea one seller i saw selling them was asking for $150 plus extra$ for each letter of the child's name (i think about $2 a letter ??)

    I have seen them for about $120 as well but weren't as nice quality workmanship !!

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