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    Has anyone made their own cards or special Christmas goodies this year? I know a few people that have as I received some beautiful cards!!

    I bought most of the cards we sent, but made two special ones for grandparents etc and put a photo of the children in it - doesn't look too shabby even if I do say so myself LOL!

    The other thing I did was to make my own Christmas bon bons! I used toilet rolls (don't worry I won't share that with the guests PMSL), covered them with brown paper, put snaps in the middle and choccies (no bad jokes or party hats ) and put some really nice stickers on them that I'd found at Big W that were all different, and tied the ends with nice ribbon.......they look fantastic! I know they probably don't sound like it LOL, but they really do.....I'm so proud of myself!!

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    Yup, homemade Chrissy cards from us this year We figured we'd put Kynan to work and he did lots of drawings in crayon that we attached to the front of the cards with brads.

    For our neighbours and friends I also made some flavoured Christmas choccies (plain, peppermint, & strawberry flavoured) and put them in noodle boxes with red & green tissue paper.

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    I made people's initials with beads and wire. Hard but a lot of fun and finished them yesterday.

    Mel - you can get a Bon-Bon kit from Reject Shop. Next year we are making our own aswell. Works out better.

    This year is a first Christmas as home so I am mainly just happy with the few things I made.

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    I did the xmas calendars for family this year. I just finished making all name cards for the xmas table LMAO.


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    Last year I made some decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. I used styrofoam balls, and covered them gradually with (I think) scrapbooking mulberry paper (the thin, silky stuff that tears apart really easily). I stuck on pieces using diluted PVC glue. Then, when the whole ball was covered, I put two strips of decorative ribbon around, a few fake jewels, and a loop of ribbon pinned into the top of the ball to hang over the Christmas tree branch.

    They look pretty ... but way too much effort unless you really enjoy doing it lol.

    ETA: I meant to say 'large styrofoam balls' ... not the tiny ones that fill up your beanbag and get up your nose lol
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    I usually make bath salts as gifts every year...

    I use:

    Epsom salts
    lavender oil
    lavender flower petals
    food colouring...

    I divide the salt in half & put a few pink or blue food colouring drops into one half and mix the lavender oil in both halfs and then I put it in glass bottles in layers of white salt, lavender petals and coloured salt until the jar is full.

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    i make my cards, i just use the computer to edit a picture of the kids and then attach to a cardboard with photo corners to make a card

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