thread: Happy Australia Day!

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    Oct 2007
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    Happy Australia Day!

    My parents came from a war torn country.

    Everyday, my dad would tell us how lucky we are to be living in Australia.

    We use to take it for granted when we were younger being so naive.

    But the older and wiser we get, how true are my dad's words that in fact Australia is the blessed country!

    Happy Australia day everyone and may Australia remain beautiful, peaceful and continue to be the land of opportunity.

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    Jul 2008
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    Re: Happy Australia Day!

    Happy australia day! After talking to a friend about the medical treatment her dad got o/s i realise too how lucky we are to be in Australia.

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    Re: Happy Australia Day!

    Very true Mum2Cs. Went to see The Book Thief last night and my friend and I discussed the same thing - how lucky we are.