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Thread: Help! How to stuff and roast a turkey!

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    Default Help! How to stuff and roast a turkey!

    I've ordered a turkey but never cooked one before. I've read up on it and it sounds abut scary with warnings about food poisoning. Eek...

    Any tips/recipe that a first timer can't do wrong?


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    Default Re: Help! How to stuff and roast a turkey!

    Abc iView has a gordon ramsy speical that he cooks an epic turkey... Or google womens weekly they're fail safe

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    Default Re: Help! How to stuff and roast a turkey!

    We're redoing Pioneer Woman's turkey this year. Brining for 24 hours then cooking without stuffing. The main thing is to work out size and timing based on that. Check ahead of time you can fit it in your oven as well

    have be you ever cooked a roast chook? It's similar, just a bigger bird. Good luck

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    Default Re: Help! How to stuff and roast a turkey!

    Check the packet instructions for how many minutes per kg...usually 40 mins per kg at 180 degrees. Include the weight of the stuffing in your timing. Stuff loosely and make sure the stuffing is cold first. We like to add herbs, apricots, dried fruit, pine nuts or walnuts to ours. Put plenty of butter (plus herbs, lemon slices if you like) under the skin for moistness.

    Check if its cooked by piercing the thickest part and watching for clear juices. If the wings look cooked earlier, you can wrap in foil. When done, wrap the whole bird in foil and let it sit on the bench to rest before carving. We serve ours cold so cook it on Christmas Eve arvo and put it in the fridge overnight before carving cold.

    Let us know how you go!

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