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Thread: Worst, weirdest or most awkward presents?

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    Default Worst, weirdest or most awkward presents?

    Hi all!!

    What is the worst, weirdest or most awkward present you've ever received?

    I've received some weird wonderful and clearly re-gifted stuff (once it still had the card from the earlier gifting INSIDE the box!!).

    But this Christmas took the cake.

    I received an intimate shaving kit.

    From my mother in law.

    I have no words.

    How about you?

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    Default Re: Worst, weirdest or most awkward presents?

    My mother brought me a key ring with my name on it except it was my name spelt differently to how my name is spelt. She brought it off the shelf so gave it to me knowing it was spelt differently???

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    Default Re: Worst, weirdest or most awkward presents?

    My BIL's wife was always the worst one for presents, she has a gift cupboard that she has full of stuff she has randomly bought through the year and then just doles it out for Christmas and birthdays. The most memorable gifts from her were the ralph loren polo shirts she got SIL and I one year that were too small and hideous pastel, the cheap $2 shop makeup ( I don't wear makeup!) and the nasty plastic photo frames. Not to mention all the cheap-as gifts for the kids. Last year for DD1's 13th birthday she gave her a pack of Queen brand playing cards, a little metal puzzle and a cake of soap - not even hand made nice soap, a supermarket soap! She's become the running joke of the family for it and we cringe when she gives us a present. Thankfully we decided to just buy for the kids now that we all have kids.

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    Default Re: Worst, weirdest or most awkward presents?

    I got a 4 pack of peach sorbet toilet paper from dh's grandmother once. This year my 13yo dd got a doll suitable for a 5yo from dh's stepmother and I got 4 disposable serving trays.

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    Default Re: Worst, weirdest or most awkward presents?

    DH was given a bucket of chicken poo one year from his parents. About 5 years ago or more, but still laughing! MiL also bought me undies for Christmas one year while DH and I were in our dating days. Awkward.

    My mum has also bought me stuff with "my" name on it... well, it would be my name if that were my name. Three out of 5 letters were correct. Like Celia instead of Selma. It's the thought that counts, right?

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    Default Re: Worst, weirdest or most awkward presents?

    Lingerie from MIL here too. Which was opened in front of MIL, FIL and DH. [emoji15]

    This Christmas ds1 got glitter paints (cool) from SIL which had been used (presumably by her toddler) and put back in box.

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