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    So it is our 5th wedding anniversary the start of next year, and I am dreaming of holiday ideas..... Dreaming being the operative word haha.

    Anyways, dd1 will be 2.5 and dd2 will be 1, is there any point doing a trip to the Gold Coast? Or is it better to wait till the girls are a bit older so we can do the worlds? Would there be much for dd1 to enjoy there? Or is she way too little still?

    I've never been, but I figure I can wait until dd1 can enjoy them if it's not ideal timing yet?


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    I wouldn't bother at that age. Although, kids under 4? (or maybe it's 3) get into the worlds free.
    Seaworld is the only one I would bother with with the real little ones
    But if you wanted to go the the GC, there is heaps of little kid friendly stuff to do
    Currumbin Sanctuary (not free)
    The water park at the broadwater (free)
    Most weekends thee is free stuff on at Burleigh beach
    There are also a couple of really kid friendly caravan parks and hotels.
    Google free stuff on the Gold Coast. There should be tons of stuff.

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    I also wouldn't do the worlds until they are both older. Think dd was 5 before we did them. We went to the GC every year from when dd was born and as livinthedream says, it is a great holiday. Especially if you go to resort with a pool that the kids can safely play in.

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