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    So, this is our first renovation. We need to do pretty much everything. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! We are in Melbourne bayside area.

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    Good luck. I would advise going from the top down, and adding a turret to the master bedroom. Who doesn't want a reading tower in their bedroom? (Still debating this point with my DH cos he's weird.)

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    What are you renovating? Every room? Some? Extending?

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    Thanks Ca Plane Pour Moi....thats sounds great not sure my DH would go for it either.

    TT40 we're doing the whole house but not extension. So new kitchen, European landry, 2x bathrooms, ripping up tiles, new hardwood floors, taking down wall paper & painting.

    We're only doing the demo ourselves & painting.

    Pinterest is great for design ideas but i need some real peoples experience.

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    Bathrooms and kitchen first, but one at a time. Laundry next. Your house will get very dirty doing this, so you don't want grubby marks on your new floors and decorating. Renovate the kitchen while the weather is good so you can walk to the shops daily and not mind not cooking dinner, or having a barbie. Laundry in bad weather so you wouldn't be using it much anyway.

    Then the painting, as paint may splat on the carpet. Floors last.

    We renovated our last home and are partway through doing this one. We have the bathroom and bedrooms done, the loft is on hold for a few years, the garden and garage are done but the kitchen needs doing.

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    Do the painting before the floors. Nothing worse than spots of paint on your new floors. Also do the bathroom in summer if you are having portable shower and toilet outside. If done properly (not block style) it will take a couple of weeks to allow for the water seal to set. Also do this before the floors because tradies can walk the blue stuff through the house

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    Thanks Ca Plane Pour Moi & Foss luckily we are going to be staying at my mums so we just get everything done. Do you have any recommendations for kitchen companies?

    I think we will manage to do everything inside and outside will be a year or so away.

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    Sorry jbear. I'm in Queensland so i can't recommend anyone

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    I'm not even in Australia so can't recommend either. Hope you get some more helpful replies.

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    Oh bummer thanks anyway.

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