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Thread: Hope My Body My Baby, My Right to Decide 18_2_2010 protest helps!!

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    Default Hope My Body My Baby, My Right to Decide 18_2_2010 protest helps!!

    Hi Everyone!

    Hoping many people will support the My Body, My Baby, My Right To Decide (not Kevin Rudd) protests (or support people who are going!) on the 18 February, 2010.

    With protests all around the country - hopefully for those who would like to make a difference for themselves, their families and their children in terms of supporting women's choices in birth - this is another chance to be heard and for people to realise we are not just going to give up and go away in relation to something so fundamentally important!!!

    If anyone wants more information pls let me know as I know I can't post links here.
    I am happy to give people my email or they can PM me if they want to have a yarn. I have collected a whole range of evidential material in one overview doco for easy reference for people wanting to see a good range of supported arguments regarding the importance of choice and homebirthing support documents as well. Quick reference for busy people with little time but a big heart... )

    Have a fantastic week!
    Karen van

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    I'll be at the Sydney one, and the woman singing IS A REALLY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE!!!! She's also my naturopath and doula

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