thread: Birth Space Preparation

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    Nov 2014

    Birth Space Preparation

    Hello ladies (and gents!)

    This is a question for all who have planned, or are planning a homebirth.

    What does your birth space mean to you?
    How do you prepare?
    Where is your birth space? (Ie, what room?)
    When do you begin set up?
    Any practical tips for first time mum planning a homebirth?

    Feel free to include pics, too of what makes your space unique for you :)

    Looking forward to hearing your input!

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    Re: Birth Space Preparation

    Planning a hb.

    To me, my birthspace is mine. I rule it. I will not be assaulted or attacked in it. That is one reason for my hb.

    I have been told the kitchen is a usual birthspace as the work surface is a good height for many. I do like my shower though, and will use that in early labour.

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    Re: Birth Space Preparation

    I didn't do anything fancy for my birthspace, knowing that I am a very internally focused birther and didn't need any affirmations etc hanging around me.

    I think I set up around 36-37 weeks when the midwife delivered the pool. I had it in the spare room so it was able to sit there undisturbed which was quite fortunate.

    As far as practical tips, the best I ever got for labour was just to go with it. As soon as you anticipate/tense up during a contraction it hurts more. If you relax your body and don't fight it then it doesn't have to hurt badly.