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thread: Homebirth General Discussion #23

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    Re: Homebirth General Discussion #23

    Are people following the midwife rules changing? When do we have to birth by to be able to have support at home (without fear for them or us)?

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    Re: Homebirth General Discussion #23

    2017 I think hot1

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    Re: Homebirth General Discussion #23

    Well Hello!!

    Something called me to come back in here today and I see its been very quiet in here over the last year!

    I also see I didn't update you all on my birth!!

    Charley Ruth came Earthside at 40+5 on the 28 January 2015. Born unassisted at home into her Daddy's hands weighing in at 5140g (11lb 5oz). Her birth was my most empowering and spiritually awakening birth to date. It didn't come without drama and I had quite a large bleed.

    Charley is now 17 months old and is the apple our families eye.

    I am now working as a Midwife and am still debating whether to go back for another lol

    Sorry its taken me so long to update! Life is busy with 4 kids!!

    Hope you are all well!

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    Re: Homebirth General Discussion #23

    (Sneaking in)

    Congrats! Well free birthing an eleven pounder!! How big were your other babies?

    (Sneaking out)

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