Interesting thread Chole. I can't say I would be comfortable eating it - but I am also one that can't stomach liver or kidneys... Like you, I regret not keeping the placenta for burial... although we rent and I didn't want to leave it in the yard where I couldn't "access" it IYKWIM?

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A question.... do you need to 'check' with council or anything if you want to bury a placenta?! Wouldn't it be considered a um.... can't think of the word but more or less part of your body!! I'm sure you will get what I mean!

I can see why parents like to bury the placenta but just wondering if there are any restrictions?!?
Interesting Question Danni. There are strict rules and regulations about disposing of medical waste (and please, I'm not calling a placenta "waste" but this is how it would be referred to should the parents not keep it) so wonder the same thing. Especially if there were issues surrounding blood borne viruses.