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Thread: How BellyBelly helped me feel great about my C-section.

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    Default How BellyBelly helped me feel great about my C-section.

    I've never bothered writing Imran's birth story. It wasn't traumatic and I've never felt any need to debrief and there was always something better for me to do but lately I've read posts by people who feel that BB makes them feel bad about their birthing outcomes so I thought maybe it was time to share my story and post about BellyBelly helping me feel just fine about my c-scetion.

    My first birth was Yasin's. I was in hospital for days before I went into labour and although he was born vaginally it was pretty medicinalised and not very pleasant.

    When I got pregnant again I decided that the next birth would be different. I was lucky enough to have some really amazing strong women in my belly buddies group and I did lots of reading and asking questions. I got so much information from BellyBelly. Not just direct sharing but also great links and articles. I learnt so much about natural labour and birthing - unlike my first birth I was informed and educated. I had some extra scans because my placenta was pretty low but it moved up just far enough to be ok for a natural birth. Imran was transverse but I read up on spinning babies and tried to use the techniques.
    My waters broke at about 5am. I called DH and he came home and called the ILs to come and pick up Yasin and then we were off to have ourselves a baby.
    My midwives were aware I wanted a drug-free, natural labour and totally supported this. A student joined us because she really wanted to see a natural labour. Everything seemed to be going well until I got an urge to push before I was fully dilated. For some reason Imran just wasn't descending. The midwives knew I wanted a natural birth and they did their best to make that happen. We tried different positions but it was futile. They called the ob who came and spoke to me. I knew what I wanted, the ob was lovely and since I understood what was happening we decided to try another option before we went down the c-section path. I had an epi to reduce the urge to push and then stayed upright in the hopes that time and gravity would do the trick but 4 hours later my stubborn little man hadn't dropped an inch although I was fully dilated. He was waay too far up there for forceps to even be an option. He had turned from being transverse but not quite far enough to be facing downwards properly.
    It was pretty clear that I could labour for days and he wasn't going anywhere.
    So we decided to have a c-section.
    The midwife was disappointed for me. She knew that my goal hadn't been a c-section. She sat down and talked to me and counseled me but really I didn't need it. I knew that I had done my best but this time I would need to have a c-section.
    The c-section was a bit scary for me. I don't like feeling helpless but my anaesthetist was hot and his nurse gave me a lovely neck and shoulder massage so that helped and it wasn't too long before I was having my first cuddles and learning to breastfeed all over again.
    I have a pretty strong constitution so I recovered really fast from my c-section. Emotionally I was over it within a week. Thanks to BellyBelly I understood what was going on all the time. Because I understood the mechanics of birth and I was clear about my wishes my care givers did their best to help me achieve them. Instead of having a c-section when he failed to descend I was given extra time to try and make it happen. That we failed to was no-ones fault. If it wasn't for BellyBelly giving me the knowledge and confidence to participate in decisions about my care in an informed way I might have been left wondering 'what if' or walked out of the hospital feeling disempowered.

    When I got home and rejoined BB world I received nothing but support from the wonderful women here. If it wasn't for BellyBelly I probably wouldn't be so at peace with my c-section. Nothing on BB ever made me feel bad about my c-section in fact it's thanks to BB that I feel so positive about it.
    I didn't choose a c-section but it happened and that's ok by me.

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    thats awesome thanks for sharing

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    awesome story. thanks for sharing with us

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    thanks so much for sharing I agree BB has taught me a lot about the physiology of birth and the varied experiences and not so straight forward situations that can happen.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Knowledge is power. Forewarned is forearmed. And a dozen other really overused cliches! Thats it exactly.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Hoping Imran isnt as stubborn about getting out of the car to go to school! LOL

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    I love that story. Awesomes.

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    Great to read a such a story.

    You reminded me a lot of my experience and I bet there are so many more stories like yours out there, it is great that you decided to share. Thanks

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