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    > that there is a name for the way I have always wanted to parent my child - attachment parenting
    > that there are others who do this too - and it's awesome
    > how to "read" my baby and learn from her, not books that are based on other people's babies
    > that co-sleeping is probably one of the best things that you can do for your kids
    > that although breast feeding was hard in the beginning, it got easier with the CORRECT information and support from everyone here - I can't thank people enough for that
    > to trust my body and know that I am making enough milk to grow a beautiful healthy baby
    > there are some really knowledgeable women here who I am so happy to be able to communicate with
    > that I can actually now challenge "well meaning advice" confidently and not worry when people tell me what we "should" be doing

    Um, I am sure I'll think of more so will probably add to this later.

    BB rocks.
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    LOL i love this!!!!
    havent been here long but u realise u are never alone and can always count on the ppl here on BB to give u the best range of advise and support LUV U GUYS lol
    also mummasue u rock for starting this thread!!

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    Aww, thanks hun. I have truly learned so much from this site and feel that should be acknowledged. I am more confident at challenging those who think they "know" (you know, the well meaning advice crew! eg mothers, random old ladies etc ).

    I feel that I am doing the best for my baby and am not being rail roaded into things that others think we "should" be doing.

    Hehe, that's just given me more ideas of what I've learned to add to the OP.

    Sue x

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