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Thread: Depo & cramps?

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    Default Depo & cramps?

    Ok, I've just got the depo shot for the first time since dd was born 12 months ago.
    I still hadn't had af back yet.

    Now I'm a bit crampy. It's been 2 weeks since I got the shot & I've been getting mild cramps ever since. Nothing at all before it.

    I've had the depo plenty of times before, but not before the return of af.

    I'm just not real impressed, lol.

    Is it normal?

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    I've been on Depo two seperate times in my life: And it's been the same for me in some ways. I randomly got cramps the second time I started up again, but not the first. I occasionally get them from time to time. :/ I think depo just changes its effects on you as your body changes too.

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