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Thread: Implanon Removal Process & PCOS?! (help)

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    Exclamation Implanon Removal Process & PCOS?! (help)

    Hello everyone,

    I just found this site & really need some help. Here is a little bit about me..

    My name is Morgan & I'm 19 years old.
    when i was 17, i fell pregnant & had a miscarriage.
    Two days after my Miscarriage my doctor & mother pretty much forced me into getting the Implanon.
    I didn't know anything about the side affects, or the process for putting it in or getting it removed.
    I have had the worst side affects in the world.
    -everyday migraines.
    -i've gained a little over 50lb. (US).
    -Month long periods, with a week between the next one.
    -NO sex drive.
    -My depression is extremely worse.

    .. i could go on for hours.

    About 6 months after i was diagnosed with PCOS, which i don't know much about except what I have researched.
    My doctor told me to get my Implanon removed ASAP. I lost my Insurance, & just got approved again.

    i have a appointment with my OBGYN for the 20th [wednesday] for the removal.

    My question is: Does the Implanon Removal Hurt? Is the Removal worse then when it was put in?

    The only thing i really remember about getting it put in is them numbing my arm, sticking this long rod in my arm, pulling it out, and being done..
    I don't remember it hurting, i just remember a lot of pressure.

    Some reason everytime i think about getting it removed, i get really hot & sweaty, & go into a Panic attack.
    I have no reason why, i just do.

    I watched a YouTube Video on the removal..

    Please give me any advise on the Implanon removal & PCOS to ensure me.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I had an implanon implant removed 2 months after having it put in (I found that my mild depression all of a sudden went into overdrive and I was close to psychotic).

    Annyway, it was fairly easy, 2 needles with local anesthetic that numb the area. A small cut (and I mean small, I think mine was .5cm) is made at one of the ends of the implant. Very skinny tweezers are used to grab the implant and it is pulled out.

    It took nearly 5 minutes for mine to be taken out but that was because my skin didn't have time to attach itself onto the implant so it was a bit slippery. There was no need for stitches, a pretty pink band aid and I was off .

    I don't recall there being any pain, but if there was it was very minor and nothing a couple panadol couldn't fix. There were more bandages and restrictions when I had the implant put in than when it was taken out.

    I hope this helps and you're able to get your implant out soon. I know that I felt 10x better once it was gone.

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    There can be some bruising afterwards depending on whether there is any difficulty in them removing the rod but everything the previous poster said is quite accurate.

    I have had 2 removed after the 3 year period and they have hurt but no more than the insertion

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