thread: Implanon versus Mirena?!

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    Jan 2007

    Implanon versus Mirena?!

    Hi guys

    Just wanting some personal experience info on this please ladies...

    I have PCOS and am wanting to go for a more permanent contraception so am looking into Implanon or Mirena. I'm worried about side effects especially weight gain.
    I've read up on both methods but am still unsure which would be best for me. I am breastfeeding and apparently Implanon isn't good with this but I'm not sure why, isn't it the same hormone thats in the mini pill and mirena.

    Anyway, any advice or ideas please girls...


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    Dec 2009

    I had Implanon for five months and from the moment it entered my body, to the exact moment I had it removed, it made me bipolar. I had really big high's and low's, my emotions were a rollercoaster ride and I had no idea of what I was really feeling or what the heck was going on in my head. It took me the whole five months to realise that there was something wrong, that I wasn't normally such an emotional mess. And as soon as my Dr took it out, I felt like something had been lifted from me, and I was suddenly me again.

    It also made me have light bleeding the entire time.

    However, my friend had Implanon at the same time as me and had no sideeffects.

    Sorry to put a dampnener on it, but everyone reacts differently anyway. Good luck making a decision between the two!

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    Nov 2007

    Ditto about the Implanon, it's not recommended for anyone with a history of depression which I found out the hard way. No personal experience with Mirena, beyond knowing that they work differently - Implanon is supposed to stop you ovulating, where Mirena won't allow a fertilised egg to stick. Not sure if that makes a difference to you, but for me being pro-life and a JW, its a BIG difference

    Hope that's some kind of help for you

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    the mirena also thickens the cervical mucos so the sperm cant get to the egg.

    i have the mirena and had no issues with weight gain!