Got my implanon changed over today. DD was born in 2008 and I got my first one in when she was 6 weeks old. No more kiddies for us until at least 2014!

I've always had periods on implanon, when I first got it I was breastfeeding, but after I finished feeding I got periods every 25-70 days but as time has gone by, I've been getting regular periods of between 23-30 days apart. Questioned the doctor about this when I went it, and she said that it is normal for those who still bleed on implanon for periods to become more regular as the expiry gets closer, but that it doesn't mean that ovulation is occuring. She said that with the new one in I may get more space between periods and they'll probably get more irregular again.

The procedure of removing the old implanon wasn't as bad as other people's experiences I've heard about. It took her about 10mins to get it out, but that's just because she said tissue sometimes grows around them and holds them in. Then she put the new one in a similar place to the old one rather than making a new cut.

She did show me the old one once she got it out, and then made me feel the new one, and while she was doing everything she was explaining it all and making sure I was comfortable enough and that all I was feeling was pulling and slight discomfort, not actual pain.

All in all, a much less traumatic experience than I was expecting.