thread: Induction Experiences Please - what to expect?

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    ssnchn vii

    In my experience (having been induced twice, both for medical and psychological reasons) i can tell you without a doubt that being induced is horrible! It is super invasive, the contractions are compacted on top of each other and honestly you don't really have time to prepare you body and mind for what you are about to go through. Both my labours were shorter than 2 hours from the initial breaking of waters to delivery.

    But on the otherside i feel that in my circumstance (previous stillborn child and anxiety attacks) that what i did for ME was the right thing to do. I initially asked for an induction and I had the head of high risk peadiatrics who went through the pros and cons with me and we decided to wait and see how i went but ended up being recommended for induction.

    The doctors made it VERY clear that the possiblity of having to have a CS was much higher with inductions and because of the quickness of the labour it can have more complications than usual.

    I fully support anyone who is inducted for medical or psychological reasons as i feel sometimes the health of the baby needs to be weighed up alongside the mindset of the mother but to get induced for the fact it will be christmas is madness.....

    ....besides what i great excuse not to see the inlaws on christmas day!!

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    For me it's less about Christmas day and more about how I go psychologically. Most of my anxiety comes from the fear of the unknown if that makes sense.... Will post later my dd is at work and driving me nuts

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    How about a doula? Will make a massive difference
    Kelly xx

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    Ok I have some time now

    dds birth was terrible and really should have been shorter than it was, I had a new or student midwife in an understaffed hospital and although I get they need to learn - she couldn't tell if my water had broken and everything I asked she would run out and ask someone else!

    When dd was born I was numb- a dr asked me a few weeks after birth "didn't I love my baby" and ive never ever felt worse than I did at that moment because I honestly couldn't answer him. All that overcome and we were going great and I was hit with my first panic attack.... Seemingly from nowhere!! Since then I've struggled on and off with anxiety and I wanted another baby but it took a long time to feel ok with that and realize it may or may not happen again. Right now I have times of depersonalization but I'm doing ok, taking rescue remedy and just breathing through it.

    Birth is a long way away and to keep sanity im not thinking about it because it raises lots of what ifs and then lots of anxiety.

    I don't like the idea of induction (I was due to be induced the day after dd was born and it scared me then - by my dates she would have been "due" the day of induction by their dates I was 41weeks). In saying that I want to play by ear how I go because as time goes on and the unknown gets closer (will I cope with 2, will I be ok this time, will I be filled with joy at the birth etc etc) I may or may not be coping so great. If at any stage it becomes too much I just want to know others experiences of induction. Christmas is an anxious time for me as is (so is my birthday and dds birthday) without worrying what's around the corner.

    Essentially I want to know I have some competence on my side, someone who might even remind me and breath with me at the birth. I don't want an induction (unless panic attacks start up then I'll reconsider) as for dh I give him a look each time he says it, but without the research (which I just started the last few days) I haven't been able to explain to him why I don't want one (initially I was worried about additional stress and pain).

    Kelly before my mc last pg I was looking into a doula - particularly because I would love dd to be there (granted both her and i can stay calm enough), or a water birth (or at least stay in water as long as possible) and really just someone to speak for me when I cant. I will look into it again once I've had my midwife appointment.

    In the meantime I'm also looking into preg yoga and calm birth.

    Now that I know the increased risks of cs I will definately be avoiding induction if I can! I really am not keen on cs and I think that would do nothing but instill more panic!!!

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    I think a Doula absolutely sounds like a great plan for you.

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    It sounds to me like the thing you were lacking is really good care and support. Being induced would only compound this problem, though, because you need for good care and support will only increase with the intensity and difficulty of your labour & birth.

    I've had an induction and a natural, albeit long and difficult labour & birth. I prefered the 2nd. The main reason was the care we received. I really doubt I could have physically birthed by daughter if we'd had the same care as first time. In fact, I probably would have been forced in to another induction and that would have been horrendous (and almost certainly would have ended in a c/s). My daughter's birth was physically very difficult - painful, exhausting - but spiritually extremely satisfying.

    Inductions pose risks for you and your baby. It's harder on both of you. There are longer-term risks associated with teh drugs used during inductions that we are only just starting to understand. The artificial oxytocyn interferes with the normal hormonal process of labour. It is associated with delayed bonding, problems establishing breastfeeding and has also been connected with an increased risk of ADHD later in life. We don't understand the mechanisms at work here, but I think there's enough evidence of the harm that we should be very clear that induction is truly necessary before proceeding.

    I hope that you can find the care and support you need to help you through this mummyduck.

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    I have been induced twice for medical reasons. One with 1 dose of gels and one with AROM. Both births I would describe as being kicked off by the induction method then it progressing as a 'normal' delivery after that IYKWIM. Obviously having the drip would be a different experience to mine.